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RMG x MIAKODA Moon Child Cosmetic Case

RMG x MIAKODA Moon Child Cosmetic Case


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RMG x MIAKODA Moon Child Cosmetic Case

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Quick Overview

Size: 12" x 8” x 5.5”

Fabric Content:

Outside: Upcycled NYC Billboards (yes, actual billboards that hung outdoors in NYC-- it's a super durable vinyl material!)

Lining: Also repurposed NYC billboard to ensure easy cleaning

Zipper: Organic Cotton

Inside Label: Organic Cotton

Moon Charm: Solar dried wood from a sustainable family owned farm in Wisconsin. The farm is Smart Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Pompom Charm: Made from Miakoda fabric scraps that are left over after production. These scraps would otherwise end up in the landfill or incinerator.

Stenciled: Stay Wild Moon Child

Made ethically in NY.

*Please note: all pouches are handmade from NYC billboards, so please allow for slight variation due to nature of the billboard and painting process. All pouches will have a slightly different grey/black design.

    We are excited to team up with Miakoda, another woman owned company in NY that is committed to sustainability and ethics in design. www.miakodanewyork.com

Availability: In stock



Meet the most sustainable and eco friendly cosmetic case. This beauty is made with so much love— cut and sewn ethically in the Remember Me Green office in NY, hand stenciled by the Remember Me Green Team, and adorned with a pompom charm handmade by the Miakoda Team in the Miakoda NY office. We recommend storing your make up and beauty essentials OR your crystals in this magical case.

Like the city they hail from and the one-of-a kind billboards they were made out of, our one-of-a-kind products are stylishly “seasoned,” which means they may have a few imprints based on their birthplace; but we believe this showcases character, making our products all the more authentic, unique, and local just like New York itself.

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