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recycle with us

It Starts With YOU

And you can start with us.

We're here for you! If you or your company has any vinyl, retired billboard advertisements consider recycling them. Billboards are mostly used once and discarded. With the average size being 20ft to 60ft, the waste builds up quickly.

We can work together to minimize this waste. Remember Me Green will take advertisements that have fulfilled their buys, misprints or scraps and re-purpose them into our one of a kind products.

Let's get started! Shoot us an email at hello@remembermegreen.com and let us know where your billboard is and why you want to recycle with us. You can ship it to us or we can arrange to have it picked up. Once we receive it and re-purpose it, we'll feature you and the products on our blog!

Can't wait to recycle and create with your help!